Stay close to medical professionals, patients, and loves ones by turning your phone into a HIPAA compliant walkie-talkie. Get in touch to find a plan that works best for your organization.

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Connect people and manage facility inventory from one convenient dashboard.

Secure Mobile & Web App

Easy device pairing

Connect devices in the same channels using unique pairing IDs. Each device is associated with individual login credentials. There is no limit on users within a channel.

Encrypted, app-to-app communication

Send and receive voice messages at the touch of a button. All communication between applications and servers will be encrypted and logged. Channel codes eliminate the need to release personal information.

VoiceLove keeps doctors, staff, social workers, and clergy informed and involved with any patient through dedicated channels.
Patients are often isolated from the outside world during extended hospital stays. With VoiceLove, HIPAA compliant communication is possible.

Patient Challenges

Prohibited visitation amid COVID-19

Distanced relatives and friends

Religious or spiritual access was inhibited

Disparities in resources based on community

Facility Challenges

Resource limitations

Limited access for those required to connect (nurses and staff).

Limited flexibility

Patients with disabilities or impairments cannot engage unassisted.

Video concerns

Families often struggle seeing loved ones who are critically ill.


Massive financial and HR/safety cost to support screen-based programs.

Poor accessibility

People with financial limitations have increased difficulties.


HIPAA, patient privacy, and sensitive data is a constant concern.

The admin dashboard allows facilities to easily manage all codes and settings from a convenient and user-friendly interface.

Facility Dashboard

Track and provision inventory

Manage codes, connections, and see a dashboard of all activity.

Create and manage facilities

Admins can easily create and rollout new devices.

Web-based application

Access the admin dashboard from any computer with internet.

Protective Case

Privacy and safety protection

Prevents phone contamination and inadvertent use of video recording or accidental outgoing messages when fixed to a hospital bed.

Convenient case mode

Enable case mode for an enlarged "hold to talk" button to play audio messages as they are received.

Eco-friendly material

Created with a biodegradable material for environment-friendly disposal.

The protective case can be purchased by facilities for each patient.

Discover the Power of Communication

By addressing communication inefficiencies in the medical setting, great improvements can be made to enhance patient care. 

HIPAA Compliant Application

VoiceLove is completely HIPAA compliant. It is one of the only apps on the market that passes the American Disabilities Act.

Improves Patient Experience

VoiceLove provides emotional value by assuring patients they are never alone and always connected with loved ones.

Streamlines Operations

VoiceLove has multiple uses throughout the medical setting. It reduces communication lags and keeps all parties well-informed.

Improve Communication Between Organizations, Patients & Families

VoiceLove was created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. We directly understand the communication needs of staff, patients and families. Get in touch to learn how to get started.