Stay connected to loved ones through secure audio channels

VoiceLove’s mission is to improve patient outcomes through keeping people connected to their family and friends.

For every channel purchased, VoiceLove will donate a channel to a hospice patient and their family/friends so that their time is filled with as much love and connection as possible.

Voice messaging for HIPPA compliant communication

VoiceLove is a voice messaging app that provides HIPAA compliant communication between patients, loved ones, facility staff and clergy in a medical setting.

The app can be used on any smartphone and facilities can manage codes and settings from a web dashboard.

Direct communication, even from within the operating room, dramatically improves hospital workflow.

Connecting Isolated Patients with Loved Ones

Turn your phone into a HIPAA complaint walkie-talkie.

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Improve Communication, Efficiency and Patient Care

Patients are never alone, regardless of their situation, and families have peace of mind by staying in the loop.

By allowing fast, secure, and direct communication between doctors and proxies, important decisions can be made more efficiently.


Instant voice messages reduce incoming calls, resulting in efficient operations by freeing staff to perform other tasks.


Dedicated patient channels keep staff well-informed and up-to-date on patients’ conditions, allowing them to quickly implement modifications to care.


During COVID-19, there was an overflowing need of clergy but limited availability. VoiceLove makes spirituality more accessible by allowing clergy to communicate in a safe way, assist multiple people at once and accommodate a variety of different religions.


Smartphones can be used in any facility unit and stored in an eco-friendly, protective case to prevent contamination and inadvertent use.
Premature infants can be hospitalized for months in the NICU. Feelings of separation are magnified. Parents can stay connected with VoiceLove.

We Provide Solutions for Various Healthcare Organizations

Operating rooms, intensive care units, newborn intensive care units, and other in-patient care can benefit from VoiceLove communication.


Doctors, nurses, staff, patients, families and social workers can benefit from VoiceLove communication.


Doctors, nurses, staff, patients, families and clergy can benefit from VoiceLove communication.


Patients are assigned dedicated channels where they can simultaneously connect with doctors, staff, clergy and loved ones for updates, consent, or emotional support.

Protect Staff, Improve Hospital Workflow

Protection from hazardous contact

Eliminate the need for an intermediary to facilitate communication, minimizing exposure.

Improve workflow

Send time-sensitive information and receive urgent consent more quickly and easily.

Secure, voice-only functionality

Mitigate privacy concerns and security risks while improving comfort and communication.

Increase job satisfaction

Relieve duties and free up time by lowering incoming calls to nurses and staff.

Save thousands of dollars

Enable instant consent to prevent surgeons and operating rooms from extended wait times.

How It Works


Enhance the In-Patient Experience

Instant connection with one touch

Communicate seamlessly regardless of personal abilities using the walkie-talkie functionality.

Independent communication

Case mode enlarges the "hold to talk" button and plays audio messages as they are received.

Make spirituality accessible

Multiple people can be served at once and a variety of religions can be made available.

Communication is made possible

Visiting hours, travel issues, video connectivity, socioeconomic status, infectious disease, and other restrictions are no longer limitations.

Maximize security, privacy and comfort

Connect with others without personal contact information being shared or publicized.

VoiceLove is the only communication solution that can be used independently by critically ill, disabled, sight-impaired, or elderly patients.
How It Works


What People Are Saying

Fosters communication! New York Presbyterian crafts walkie-talkie and app based program to foster communication between Coronavirus patients and families.
Becker's Health IT
Unexpected lifeline! New device use becomes unexpected 'lifeline' for families in ICU during COVID-19.
Keeps families connected! Walkie-talkie system keeps families connected to ICU patients.
Modern Healthcare
Amazing innovation! I worry about the long-term effects of catching this virus, but my heart breaks for these families so I take on the risk to hold up a tablet. I cried when I saw family finally getting what they need.
ICU Nurse
Amazing tool! This was such and amazing tool to be given during this horrible time. It gave me and my extended family the much needed connection and sense of inclusion when we felt so isolated and disconnected.
Relative of patient
Thank you! I loved that I could hear my mom’s voice even if I couldn't see her. Hearing her voice brought me relief.
Daughter of patient

Improve Communication Between Organizations, Patients & Families

VoiceLove was created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. We directly understand the communication needs of staff, patients and families. Get in touch to learn how to get started.