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Giving healthcare professionals the tools to provide better care

Challenges / Solutions

Empowering care teams, elevating patient health

Rising care costs and inefficient utilization of resources.
Communication technologies boost efficiency and care, enhancing health outcomes.
Patient dependency on staff.
Phone "Case" mode expands the "Hold to talk" button and auto-plays audio messages, boosting patient autonomy.
Feelings of stress and worry in high-pressure environments.
Simple setup and easy dashboard management frees up time for patient focus, improving caregiver wellbeing.

What we offer

Product features that empower caregivers

Discover the practical benefits of our app-based platform created to elevate patient experiences and improve clinical outcomes.

Easy facility dashboard

Access the admin dashboard 24/7 from any device using Wi-Fi.

HIPAA secure application

VoiceLove is entirely HIPAA secure and passes the American Disabilities Act.

Easy device pairing

Connect devices to the same channels using unique pairing IDs. Each device is associated with individual login credentials.

Manage operations

VoiceLove has multiple uses throughout the medical setting. It reduces communication lags and keeps all parties well informed.

Fosters communication! New York Presbyterian crafts walkie-talkie and app-based program to foster communication between Coronavirus patients and families.

Becker’s Health IT

Unexpected lifeline! New device use becomes an unexpected 'lifeline' for families in ICU during COVID-19.

Keeps families connected! Walkie-talkie system keeps families connected to ICU patients.

Modern Healthcare

Amazing innovation! I worry about the long-term effects of catching this virus, but my heart breaks for these families, so I take on the risk of holding up a tablet. I cried when I saw the family finally getting what they needed

 ICU Nurse

Amazing tool! This was such an amazing tool to be given during this horrible time. It gave me and my extended family the much needed connection and sense of inclusion when we felt so isolated and disconnected.

Relative of patient

Thank you! I loved hearing my mom’s voice even if I couldn't see her. Hearing her voice brought me relief.

Daughter of patient

Our clinical heros

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How it works

Facilitating compassionate care

VoiceLove's innovative, life-changing technology brings families closer, improves patient well-being, and creates healthier outcomes through the healing power of voice. Before setting up the VoiceLove app, healthcare professionals can book a demo to access the web-based dashboard and voice channels.
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Discover how our voice messaging app can transform patient experiences and health outcomes.
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