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Connecting isolated patients with loved ones

About Voicelove

Creating personal connections that matter

VoiceLove is committed to improving patient outcomes and providing safe and easy digital communication for families, patients, care home residents, and healthcare professionals.
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VoiceLove’s history so far

Prioritizing patient and resident healthcare

VoiceLove logo
New branding release!
Texas A&M university and Nemours children's health logos
Initiated collaborations with TAMU and Nemours Children’s Hospital.
Making Connections & Cutting Costs: Interview with Dr. Marc Schiffman, Co-Founder, VoiceLove
VoiceLove presented at the 2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit.
VoiceLove device near a hospital bed
Collaboration with Vanderbilt on the use of VoiceLove in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) begins.
NIH and Vanderbilt logos
Awarded $3 million from NIH grant, National Institute on Aging. Clinical trials partnership with Vanderbilt.
System and method for reducing the prevalence of delirium in patients in an isolating healthcare environment
Filled utility patent on June 16, 2022.
Vanderbilt logo
Pilot at the Center for Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction, and Survivorship, Vanderbilt University Medical Center for ICU use of VoiceLove begins.
AT&T logo
AT&T partnership.
VoiceLove device with different hospital equipment
Research-ready software.
Tamatha Fenster named USA Today's Best Humankind Healthcare Worker of the Year (2021).
Columbia Venture Competition logo
Award: Finalist, Columbia CareOne Healthcare Innovation Challenge.
Boston Scientific logo
Award: Boston Science Patient Connection (Global finalist for Boston Scientific Ventures’ Competition to Connect Patients and Address Disparities).
Old VoiceLove logo
MVP software developed.
New York Presbyterian logo
Pilot at New York Presbyterian. 51.8k messages were sent in 5 weeks on the first 16 devices.
Loneliness in the ICU.
Drs. Marc Schiffman and Tamatha Fenster volunteer in the ICU during COVID-19.
Phone mockup with the VoiceLove app on screen

About the product

Leveraging the healing power of a loving voice

We’re improving patient health outcomes through essential, life-changing voice-to-voice technology. Our innovative voice messaging app brings families and patients closer, tackling loneliness and isolation.
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Addresses communication barriers
VoiceLove reduces communication challenges and ensure all caregivers can access our life-changing solution.

Improves patient experience

VoiceLove provides emotional support by assuring patients they are never alone and always connected to loved ones.

Encrypted, app-to-app communication

With VoiceLove, users can send and receive securely encrypted voice messages at the touch of a button.

Our team and founders

Gabriela Pelin​

Board Director

  • 20+ years in leadership roles building teams and organizations
  • Formerly Avaneer Health, IBM Watson, IBM, Air Canada, Union Fenosa, Credot Commercial de France/HSBC, PWC
  • Strong strategic acumen with ability to build unique products
Marc Schiffman, MD

Board Director

  • Co-Executive Director of WCM Fibroid Center
  • Head of East Coast SU2C Prostate Cancer Bone Precision Medicine Effort
  • Assistant Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College / New York Presbyterian Hospital
Photo: Naftoli Goldgrab
Tamatha Fenster, MD

Board Director

  • Director of Innovations and Biotechnology at WCM Fibroid Center, Faculty at Association of Women Surgeons
  • Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College / New York Presbyterian Hospital
Jahanara Ali

Business Advisor,
Board Director

  • Vice President at SymBiosis, a biotherapeutics-focused venture fund
  • A leader with experience in venture capital, technology commercialization, startup accelerators, and in biotech business development
Gary Word, Ph.D


  • 30+ years in business and technology leadership roles at global banks, large healthcare IT, and startups
  • Works at Avaneer Health and has previously worked at Onyx at JPMorgan, Change Healthcare, Citigroup, Nextera Enterprises
  • Built business and technical teams and invented and designed multiple novel financial and healthcare products
Mary Butler-Everson

Chief Growth Officer

  • Extensive experience in leadership roles in revenue growth and partnership relations in health systems and health insurance carriers.
  • Works at Avaneer Health and has previously worked at UPMC, PNC Bank, and Mercy.
  • Built ground breaking collaborations such as Center for Lupus and Autoimmunity to improve patient care and the payer-provider Health Utility Network to streamline the business of healthcare.
Stas Samarin, Ph.D

SVP Product & Strategy

  • 20+ years of Healthcare Strategy, Innovation, and Product Leadership
  • Formerly Avaneer Health, IBM Watson Health, Truven Health Analytics, and Express Scripts
  • Deep domain expertise in building and commercializing new products and services for the healthcare market
Sarah Atereth

Director of Marketing

  • Entrepreneurial corporate executive health/wellness, beauty, and entertainment industries
  • Repeated successes in building businesses from the ground up
  • LVMH, Coty, Beguile Records, Columbia University, Graduate

Clinical leadership

No items found.

Our team and founders

No items found.

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Dr. Marc Schiffman shares the story of why and how he co-founded VoiceLove during the covid-19 pandemic.
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VoiceLove presented at the 2023 NYWIFT Creative Workforce STEM Summit and is featured on pages 21-25 of the journal.
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Dr. Marc Schiffman connects isolated patients with worried loved ones
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New Yorker Dr. Tamatha Fenster wins USA TODAY Humankind Healthcare Worker of the Year for her invention of Voice Love
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Walkie-talkie system keeps families connected to ICU patients
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Walkie-talkies are helping families speak to COVID-infected loved ones
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Coruzant Technologies Interview
I Became a Doctor Because of a Desire to Help
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Bridging the Communication Gap
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The VoiceLove Project The Genesis of Voice Visiting Hours in the Time of COVID-19
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ABC News
New technology to connect isolated patients with their family
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Global Finalist for Boston Scientific Ventures’ Competition to Connect Patients and Address Disparities
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Finalist of the 2022 Columbia-CareOne Healthcare Innovation Challenge
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Woman celebrating her birthday

Gail Schiffman Tribute

Dr. Marc Schiffman co-founded VoiceLove in response to a deeply personal tragedy: the loss of his mother to COVID-19. During her hospitalization, he experienced firsthand the challenges and emotional toll of isolation faced by patients and their families. This experience profoundly impacted him, highlighting the importance of sustaining the bond between hospitalized patients and their loved ones. His initiative to ensure that no one else feels the profound detachment he and his family experienced turns a story of loss into one of hope and enduring human connection.

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