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Bringing comfort and connection to family and loved ones

Challenges / Solutions

How VoiceLove addresses crucial challenges

Patient dependency on staff to communicate with family.
Phone case mode enlarges the "Hold to talk" button and automatically plays audio messages, increasing patient independence.
Poor access to spiritual communities.
Multiple patients can be served simultaneously via the app, and numerous religions and chaplaincy services can be available.
Loneliness and isolation.
Always on 24/7 connectivity ensures loved ones are only a voice message away day or night.
Average number of messages sent per family
Hours of talking
Messages received

Benefits of staying connected

Neonatal intensive care unit

A mother's voice: the first comfort, the most vital connection

VoiceLove leverages voice to strengthen family bonds, creating a nurturing environment for parents and newborns, guided by a compassionate care team, to build a solid foundation for their future.

Intensive care unit

In ICU, a loved one's voice: a lifeline through delirium and loneliness

Facing the harsh reality of ICU isolation, where loneliness intertwines with delirium, the voice of a loved one emerges as a steadfast beacon, rekindling the sense of connection and hope amidst adversity.

What we offer

Product features that center patient needs

Explore the practical features of our voice-led app that boosts patient morale by enabling seamless digital connection with loved ones.

Encrypted, app-to-app communication

Easily send and receive securely encrypted voice messages with the simple touch of a button.

Protective and secure 
phone case

Prevents contamination in a hospital setting and is constructed from biodegradable materials for environment-friendly disposal.

Enhanced digital connection

Enjoy 24/7, always-on connectivity that ensures loved ones are only a voice message away.

Inclusive accessibility

Easy one-button interface makes communication accessible to all, regardless of limited mobility.

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We’re improving patient health outcomes through essential, life-changing voice-to-voice technology. Our innovative voice messaging app brings families and patients closer, tackling loneliness and isolation.

Fosters communication! New York Presbyterian crafts walkie-talkie and app-based program to foster communication between Coronavirus patients and families.

Becker’s Health IT

Unexpected lifeline! New device use becomes an unexpected 'lifeline' for families in ICU during COVID-19.

Keeps families connected! Walkie-talkie system keeps families connected to ICU patients.

Modern Healthcare

Amazing innovation! I worry about the long-term effects of catching this virus, but my heart breaks for these families, so I take on the risk of holding up a tablet. I cried when I saw the family finally getting what they needed

 ICU Nurse

Amazing tool! This was such an amazing tool to be given during this horrible time. It gave me and my extended family the much needed connection and sense of inclusion when we felt so isolated and disconnected.

Relative of patient

Thank you! I loved hearing my mom’s voice even if I couldn't see her. Hearing her voice brought me relief.

Daughter of patient

How it works

Delivering care that enhances outcomes

VoiceLove's innovative, life-changing technology brings families closer, improves patient well-being, and creates healthier outcomes through the healing power of voice.

Though millions of people cannot use a regular phone in the ICU, even when they have one, VoiceLove gives the critically ill, disabled, and newborns a lifeline and connection to their loved ones.
Phone mockup with VoiceLove app on screen
The ICU nurse sets up each phone and places it in a protective sleeve at the patient’s bedside.
The nurse invites the family into the patient’s channel. The family downloads the VoiceLove app from Google Play or the App Store.
The family sends voice messages that play automatically at the bedside.
The family can create more secure channels and invite others.
The patient can press the hold-to-talk button and send messages to the family.
Woman kissing her son on the head while both looking at a phone

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